May 28 – June 1, 2019 • Orlando, Florida

Below is a listing of session titles by primary category for the 2018 Annual Meeting

Athlete Care and Clinical Medicine
Tutorial Lecture A “PFIT” Approach to Elbow UCL Injuries in Athletes: Integrating Prevention, Function, Imaging, and Treatment
Colloquium A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But Can Tell a Thousand Lies
Tutorial Lecture Advances in Management of Hip Stress Fractures
Tutorial Lecture Advances in Sport Concussion Research: Findings from the NCAA-DoD CARE Consortium
Exchange Lecture AMSSM Exchange – TBD
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration An Osteopathic Approach to Concussion
Tutorial Lecture An Update from the Berlin Concussion Consensus Statement: Practical Applications
Tutorial Lecture Bio-Banding in Youth Sports: Potential Applications
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Care of the Professional Musician
Tutorial Lecture Common Injuries in the Changing World of Gymnastics
Tutorial Lecture Concussion and Subsequent Musculoskeletal Injury: Incidence and Mechanisms
Colloquium Controversies in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention, Management, and Rehabilitation
Tutorial Lecture Covering Adventure Races and Other Events in the Wilderness/ATLS
Symposium Evidence Based Management of Acute Pain in Athletes and Active People
Symposium Evidence-Based Injury and Illness Prevention in Paralympic Sport
Symposium Evidence-Based Injury Trends in a Growing U.S. Amateur Collision Sport: The North American RISERugby Registry and Rugby-7s
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Examarama of the Upper Extremity
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Examination of the Foot and Ankle: Diagnosis, Etiology, Treatment and When to Return to Play
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Examination of the Knee
Tutorial Lecture Foot Core: The Importance of Foot Intrinsic Muscle Strength for Runners
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Fundamental Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of the Knee & Ankle/Foot for Physicians and Non-Physicians
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Fundamental Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of the Shoulder and Elbow for Physicians and Non-Physicians
Symposium Hamstring Injuries – New Thoughts On An Old Problem
Symposium Hamstring Update: Osseotendinous and Myotendinous Junction Injuries
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Hinge Theory:  Low Back Pain and its Relationship to Shoulder and Hip Flexibility in the Performing Arts Athlete
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration How are your DXA skills?  Common Pitfalls of DXA Interpretation in Young Athletes
Tutorial Lecture Injury and Injury Reduction Strategies in the “State of Hockey”
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Intermediate/Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of the Knee & Ankle/Foot for Physicians and Non-Physicians
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Management of Acute Fractures & Dislocations for the Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician – Pearls and Pitfalls
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration MRI vs US of the Upper Extremity:  A Time for Every Season
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Neural Control of Movement for the Treatment of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Pediatric and Adult Hip Examination
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Pediatric MSK Ultrasound: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Clinical Practical Applications
Colloquium Periods, Performance, and the Pill- Effects of the Menstrual Cycle on Performance and Contraception Choices for the Modern Female Athlete
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Plain Radiography Use in Sports Medicine: Interpretation, Pearls, and Pitfalls
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Practical Sports Ultrasound of the Elbow
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Practical Sports Ultrasound of the Shoulder
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Relating Physiology/Anatomy of the Hamstring Muscles to the Injuries Seen
Symposium Return to Play Issues for the Athlete with Known Cardiovascular Disease
Colloquium Standup Paddle Boarding- New Sport, New Athletes and New Injuries
Highlighted Symposium TBD
Tutorial Lecture Monitoring Operator Health and Readiness: A Military Academic Partnership
Symposium The Anti-Doping Movement:  What’s New in Research and Administration
Symposium The Male Athlete Triad: Updates and Parallels with the Female Athlete
Tutorial Lecture The Paralympic Team Physician: Preparing Your Team for Travel
Tutorial Lecture The Pre Participation Physical Examination of the Paralympic Athlete: What Every Sports Medicine Provider Shoulder Know
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration The Use of Neurocognitive Principles in Musculoskeletal and Concussion Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Tutorial Lecture Too Tired to Perform: Sleep Deprivation and its Affect on Mood & Performance in the College Athlete
Tutorial Lecture Transgender in Sport
Tutorial Lecture What is the Obesity Paradox, and Where do we go from Here?
Tutorial Lecture Why is my Leg Weak and Numb? Differentiating Radiculopathy from Peripheral Neuropathy in the Athlete


Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement
Tutorial Lecture Benefits and Pitfalls of Wearable Sensors in Biomechanics Research
Symposium Optimizing Function and Performance after Lower Limb Amputation
Highlighted Symposium The Past, Present and Future of ACL Injury Prevention: Biomechanics Screening and Neuromuscular Interventions that Work!
Tutorial Lecture Understanding how Joint Injury, Neuromechanics, and Obesity Influence Development and Progression of Knee Osteoarthritis
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Wearable Sensors and the Instrumented Assessment of Balance and Gait after Concussion


Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Physiology
Symposium Basic Mechanisms of the Bradycardia of Exercise Training (Everything You Want to Know About the Heart Rate of an Athlete)
Tutorial Lecture Beyond Exercise: Moving From Activity Interventions to Comprehensive Risk Reduction and Disease Prevention
Symposium Cardiac Arrest in Sports:  The Who, What, When, Where, and Why
Symposium Cardiometabolic Risk Across the Lifespan: Insulin Resistance, Metabolomics & Measurement
Symposium Central Mechanisms of Blood Pressure Regulation: Implications for Exercise, Health and Disease
Symposium Few Easy Pieces on Breathing Control during Exercise in Man: Lessons from Other Species and from Human Diseases
Tutorial Lecture Influence of Respiratory vs Locomotor Muscle Blood Flow on Fatigue and Exercise Performance: A Two-way Street?!
Highlighted Symposium The Respiratory System in Heart Failure


Clinical Exercise Physiology
Symposium Exercise for Cancer Survivors in the Real World: Translating Research to Practice
Symposium Exercise Training for Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy:  Time for a New Approach?
Symposium Impact of Exercise in Patients with Hematological Cancers
Symposium Prescribing Exercise For Frail Cancer Survivors: How Do We Do It?
Tutorial Lecture Sticking Cardiac Rehab!: Overcoming Obstacles to Increase Participation in Women
Highlighted Symposium The Aging Vasculature as a Therapeutic Target for Cardiovascular Health
Symposium The Role of Exercise in Lung Cancer Patients


Environmental and Occupational Physiology
Highlighted Symposium Hypoxic and Heat Therapy: a New Tool Box for Physicians, Physiotherapists and Coaches
Symposium Occupational Exposure to Hot Environments: Current Recommendations on Exposure Limits and Hydration Requirements
Tutorial Lecture Waterworld: The Physiological and Cognitive Effects of Water Immersion


Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Symposium Beyond MVPA: The Role of Reducing Sedentary Time and Promoting Light Intensity Physical Activity in Older Adults
Symposium From Laboratory to Pavement to Policy:  Advances in Measurement and Modulation of Walking Behavior
Tutorial Lecture Implications of Sedentary Behavior for Physical Activity Guidelines: Interactions and Research Gaps
Tutorial Lecture Thinking Outside the Block: Monitoring Walkability Using Traditional and Novel Approaches
Highlighted Symposium What’s App Doc? New Frontiers ‎in Technologies for Physical Activity and Health


Exercise is Medicine®
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Aligning the Efforts of Exercise is Medicine, the National Physical Activity Plan, and Prescription for Activity Task Force
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Bridging the Great Divide: Using Guidelines to Link Health Care and Communities
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium EIM in Action in Diverse and Underserved Communities: Lessons Learned and Resources for Next Decade of EIM
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture EIM: Rx – Your National Parks
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Exercise and Cancer Care: A Review of Guidelines for Cancer Patients, Identifying Areas of Need and Advancing Best Practices
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Exercise as Medicine: The Development of the Pedicatric Exercise Medicine Network
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Exercise in Cardio-Oncology: The Relationship between Exercise and Cancer Treatment-Related Cardiotoxicity
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Exercise is Medicine for Mental Illness: Translating Evidence to Practice
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Exercise is Medicine! Why Are People Not Buying Into the Prescription? Making Lifestyle PA a Reality in Peoples’ Daily Lives
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Exercise is Medicine: The Role of Non-Physician Providers
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Exercise Medicine for Cancer Management
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Exercise Science in Medical Education
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Government Health Initiatives Incorporating EIM
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Health Benefits of Easily Accessible Pragmatic Physical Activity Below Recommended Dosage
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium How to Create a “Fit City”? Strategies Learned from Minneapolis-St. Paul
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Let’s Play! Operationalization of Active Play for EIM Pediatrics
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Making Sense of the New ACSM Preparticipation Health Screening Recommendations
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Osteoarthritis as an Inflammatory Disease and its Modification by Physical Activity
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Prescribing Exercise for Individuals with Disability: Tools for Optimizing Success
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Promoting Physical Activity Across Levels of Impact: Review & Synthesis for Physical Activity Guidelines
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Protective Effects of Physical Activity and Fitness on Metabolic Disease, Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Sports wellness: Future Directions for Medicine, Sleep and Digital Health
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture The Exercise is Medicine- On Campus Solution
Exercise is Medicine® – Highlighted Symposium The Role of Resistance Training in Disease Prevention and Treatment
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Understanding Healthcare: A Tutorial for Exercise Professionals


Fitness Assessment, Exercise Training, and Performance of Athletes and Healthy People
Symposium From ‘Aerobics’ to ‘Clinical Vital Sign’: A Half-Century’s Journey
Tutorial Lecture Is Harder Better? The Role of Intensity and Volume in Exercise Prescription
Highlighted Symposium The Science Behind Top Fitness Trends
Tutorial Lecture The Science of Soccer: Integrating Training, Monitoring, and Nutritional Strategies to Optimize Performance
Symposium The Secrets of Competition:  How to Beat Your Olympic/Paralympic Opponents (OPSMSS)
Tutorial Lecture Wearabale Technology: Benchmarking Step Counting and Cadence Metrics for Common Interpretations


Tutorial Lecture Advances in Exercise ‘Omics: A Primer
Highlighted Symposium Impact of Nutrition on Immune System Recovery from Heavy Exertion
Symposium The Biological Determinants of Physical Activity: Report from the ACSM Roundtable


Metabolism and Nutrition
Tutorial Lecture Butterflies, Chills and Weight Gain: Are We Forgetting about Iodine and Thyroid Function in Athletes?
Symposium Can We Get Blood Glucose Under Control?
Symposium Dietary Supplements and Elite Athletes: An Update from the International Olympic Committee Consensus Meeting
Tutorial Lecture Food and Addiction: Energy Balance Implications
Tutorial Lecture Periodisation of CHO Intake for Training Adaptation and Performance – Where Does the Current Evidence Sit?
Symposium PINES 10 Questions 10 Experts: Alcohol and Sport
Tutorial Lecture Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S):  Conundrums, Pitfalls and Solutions
Tutorial Lecture Strategies for Improving the Estimation of Body Weight Change, RMR, and Compensation for Exercise Energy Expenditure
Highlighted Symposium The Path to Personalization: Understanding the Environmental and Genetic Modifiers Impacting Individual Responses to Ergogenic Aids


Physical Activity/Health Promotion Interventions
Symposium ACSM/SBM Co-Sponsored Symposium: Dissemination & Implementation of Evidence-based Physical Activity & Lifestyle Interventions
Tutorial Lecture ActivEarth Session: Electric Bikes for Transport and Health
Colloquium Cancer, a Survivor’s Perspective
Tutorial Lecture Dogs as Support and Motivation for Physical Activity and Health
Colloquium Exercise for Health – One University’s Contribution Across First and Third World Communities
Tutorial Lecture Finding the Physical Activity Needle in the Economic Haystack
Tutorial Lecture Get Outside: Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Physical Activity for Children and Youth
Tutorial Lecture Harnessing Healthy Habits to Promote Sustained Behavior Change
Tutorial Lecture Increasing Physical Activity through Built Environment Approaches: What’s New from the Community Guide?
Symposium Moving Towards a Healthier, More Active Community: Lessons Learned from the DPP and Its Community Translation Efforts
Tutorial Lecture Obesity Management: Setting a Target for ‘Clinically Significant Weight Loss’ Does More Harm than Good
Tutorial Lecture People of Color in the Outdoors: Missed Opportunities for Physical Activity
Symposium Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:  Novel Intervention Strategies to Encourage Physically Active Transportation
Symposium Standing and Moving at Work: Large-Scale Efficacy/Effectiveness Trials to Reduce Sitting and Increase Activity at Work
Tutorial Lecture The Untold Tale about Exercise and Pregnancy: What are They Eating?
Tutorial Lecture Yoga: A Mind-Body Approach to Physical Activity and Health


Professional Development/Organizational Information
Symposium Clinical Research Can Be for Everyone – Tips and Traps for Trainees
Tutorial Lecture Designing the Future of the Exercise and Fitness Professions: A Systems Approach to Advancing Health and Healthcare
Symposium Harassment and Abuse: Safeguarding in Olympic and Paralympic Sport (IPC)
Tutorial Lecture How to Present Interesting, Informative and Readable Slides
Tutorial Lecture Rules and Ethics of Authorship; Not As Easy As It Looks
Colloquium Tweet Science
Symposium Unlocking the Secrets of Study Sections: Working to Increase Your Chance of Funding


Psychology, Behavior and Neurobiology
Exchange Lecture American Psychological Association Exchange Lecture: High-Intensity Interval Exercise to Improve Child Health Outcomes: High Intensity, High Impact?
Symposium Enhancing Higher-Order Thinking in Health and Exercise Science Students
Highlighted Symposium Physical Exercise for Brain Health: Where Does HIIT Fit?
Tutorial Lecture Practice. We do in Sports but are we Doing Enough in the Classroom
Symposium Re-Envisioning Exercise Prescription: Using the Affect Heuristic to Promote Exercise Behavior
Symposium The Role of Exercise in Understanding and Treating Chronic Multisymptom Illnesses
Tutorial Lecture What Comes First, Motor Skills or Physical Activity?  Understanding the Role of Motor Skills in Children’s Physical Activity


Skeletal Muscle, Bone and Connective Tissue
Tutorial Lecture Cancer’s in Remission: Now What?
Symposium Emerging Mechanisms for Exercise Effects on Muscle Wasting and Anabolic Resistance
Highlighted Symposium Exercise is Regenerative Medicine: Leveraging Solutions from Within
Tutorial Lecture Focusing Outside the Fiber: Extracellular Matrix and Skeletal Muscle Plasticity
Colloquium Muscle Growth Does/Does Not Contribute to the Increases in Strength that Occur after Resistance Training
Symposium Musculoskeletal Health after Paralysis and Limb Loss
Tutorial Lecture Renin-Angiotensin System: An Old Player with New Roles in Skeletal Muscle
Symposium Revisit: NIRS, What Can It Tell Us About Muscle for Exercise
Symposium Wendell Stainsby’s Scientific Legacy: The Roles of Oxygen and Lactate in Exercise Metabolism


World Congress on the Basic Science of Muscle Hypertrophy and Atrophy
Symposium Anabolic Approaches to Blunt Muscle Atrophy During Catabolic Stress
Symposium Atrophy in Disuse and Disease
Symposium Autophagy and Skeletal Muscle Biology
Tutorial Lecture How Motor Units (Really) Work
Symposium Hypertrophy: The Extrinsic Variables
Symposium Hypertrophy: The Intrinsic Molecular Variables
Tutorial Lecture Muscle Protein Turnover in Human Skeletal Muscle
Keynote Muscular Molecular Messages for Mere Mortals and Gold Medal Athletes
Symposium Recovery from Injury and Damage: A Tissue Perspective
Symposium Satellite Cells and their Role in the Hypertrophic and Atrophic Processes
Symposium Supplements and Nutraceuticals to Promote Hypertrophy and Combat Atrophy
Symposium The Impact of Aging on Atrophic and Hypertrophic Responses
Symposium What if Fixx and Cooper were Lifters? The Health Benefits of Resistance Exercise