May 28 – June 1, 2019 • Orlando, Florida

Below is a listing of session titles by primary category for the 2019 Annual Meeting, World Congress on Exercise is Medicine and World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise, Circadian Rhythms and Sleep.

Athlete Care and Clinical Medicine
Tutorial Lecture Acute Infections In Athletes – When Can I Go Back To Training, Doc?
Tutorial Lecture Adaptive Cycling
Exchange Lecture American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Exchange Lecture
Exchange Lecture American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Exchange Lecture- Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair (BEAR): A Possible New Direction
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Assessing and Managing Mental Health Concerns in Sports Medicine
Symposium CAQ Review Session (Part 1)
Symposium CAQ Review Session (Part 2)
Tutorial Lecture Clinical Implementation of Evidence-Based Orthobiologics
Tutorial Lecture Concussion: The Gender Divide Among Youth
Tutorial Lecture CTE: State of the Science
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Diets Popular with Athletes: Case Studies in Sports Nutrition
Tutorial Lecture Disruption of the Circadian Rhythm in Athletes: How to Cope
Symposium DIVA (Dance, Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Actor) – Exploring the World of Performing Arts Medicine
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Do you See what I See – The Role of Vision in Performance
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Dry Needling
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration ECG Interpretation in Athletes: the International Criteria
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Endocrine
Tutorial Lecture Endurance Training in Children: How Much is too Much?
Tutorial Lecture Evaluation and Management of Patellar and Achilles Tendinopathies
Highlighted Symposium Evidence-Based Consensus Recommendations Regarding Selected Issues in Youth Contact and Collision Sports
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Examination of the Knee
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Examination of the Pediatric Elbow
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Exercise Testing and Prescription in Post Concussion Syndrome Management
Tutorial Lecture Exertional Compartment Syndrome: A Global Perspective
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Functional Evaluation of the Hip and Pelvis
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Functional Manual Therapy in Sport
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Grassroots Changemakers: How to Put Exercise is Medicine into Action
Tutorial Lecture Groin Injury in Sport – Differentiating between Intra-articular (Hip) and Extra-articular (Non-hip) Causes: Clinical Assessment
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Head Trauma- When it is not a Concussion
Exchange Lecture International Federation of Sports Medicine Exchange Lecture
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Lower Extremity Examarama
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Management of Acute Sports-related Upper Extremity and Trunk Injuries: Pearls and Pitfalls
Symposium Medical Care at Mass Community-Based Cycling Events – Making Cycling SAFER
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Medical Retirement From Sport After Concussion
Exchange Lecture National Athletic Trainers Association Exchange Lecture
Tutorial Lecture Optimizing Diagnosis of Challenging Shoulder Problems
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Optimizing Use of Advanced Imaging in Athletic Imaging of the Lower Extremity: Indications and Findings
Tutorial Lecture Overhead Throwing Injuries in Baseball and Workload:  Volume, Velocity, and Finding the Missing Link
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Physical and Ultrasonographic Examination of the Ankle-Foot Complex Following Sports Injury
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Physical Exam of the Lumbar Spine
Symposium Post-Competitive Athlete Health
Tutorial Lecture Pre-Competitive ECG Screening in the U.S. – College and Professional
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Return To Play Decisions in Athletes With Intracranial Findings
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Shoulder Examination:  A Case Based Approach
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Skin Cancer and Infections in the Athlete
Tutorial Lecture Special Olympics Athletes:  Sideline Care, Complexities, and Opportunities
Tutorial Lecture Stimulant Use in Sport: The Challenges of Caring for the Adderall and Red Bull Generation
Tutorial Lecture Team Physician Consensus Conference Statement Update
Symposium The Diagnosis and Treatment of Rotator Cuff Pathology: From the Aging Weekend Warrior to the Elite Paralympic Athlete
Colloquium The Maze of Lower Back Pain
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration The Physical Examination of the Potentially Unstable Hip
Tutorial Lecture The Science of Lacrosse: Evolution of Safe Play in a Rapidly Changing Sport
Tutorial Lecture The Transgender Athlete: Care and Controversies
Tutorial Lecture Treating Challenging Stress Fractures from China to USA
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Ultrasound Basics
Symposium Under the SEA:  The Benefits of Water Immersion and Aquatic Exercise: A Rising Tide of Evidence
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration Vestibular Rehabilitation Following A Sports Concussion
Tutorial Lecture We are Getting Fatter and Sicker: What can we do about it?
Tutorial Lecture Wellness and Life Balance for Sports Medicine Providers
Clinical Workshop-Hands On Demonstration X-Ray Utilization in Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine – When is it Actually Needed?
Colloquium Zebras Within the Herd: When Nerve Pain Presents like a Musculoskeletal Complaint


Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement
Symposium Can Biomechanical Models Improve Injury Prevention and Human Performance?
Symposium High-Density Electromyography
Colloquium Integrating Mobile Health into Sports Medicine Practice: Making Sense of Sensors
Highlighted Symposium Make No Bones About It: Bone Loading in Relation to Bone Stress Injuries
Colloquium Optimal Loading after Knee Injury: A Biomechanical and Physical Activity Perspective


Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Physiology
Symposium Athletic Hearts: A Comparative Perspective
Tutorial Lecture Cardioprotective Exercise-pharma Interactions: An Effective One-two Punch
Highlighted Symposium Normal Response to Exercise: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Symposium You’re Only as Good as your Weakest Link! The Right Ventricular-pulmonary Vascular Unit during Exercise in Health and Disease


Clinical Exercise Physiology
Tutorial Lecture Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and Rehabilitation in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
Symposium Cardio-pulmonary Exercise Testing or Pulmonary-cardio Testing – Time to Focus on the Lungs?
Tutorial Lecture Exercise Modulation of the Tumor Microenvironment and Impact on Treatment Efficacy: From Bench to Bedside
Highlighted Symposium Lost in Translation:  Promoting Physical Activity vs Physical Fitness?
Colloquium New Equations for Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Clinical Applications
Symposium Rheumatoid Arthritis: Incorporating Physical Activity in the Management of Inflammatory Disease and Associated Comorbidities
Tutorial Lecture To HIIT or Not to HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training Considerations for Cancer Survivors
Symposium Updating the Exercise Recommendations for Cancer Survivors: A Report on the ACSM Roundtable for Exercise and Cancer 2.0


Environmental and Occupational Physiology
Highlighted Symposium Novel Approaches and Insights in Hydration Research: Mechanisms, Measurement and Performance
Symposium Personalized Sweat Science: How Close Are We?
Symposium Prehospital Care of Exertional Heat Stroke- Improving Policies to Improve Outcomes
Symposium Preparing for Competition in the Heat: Considerations for Tokyo 2020
Symposium Structural Firefighting: The Industrial Strength Athlete
Symposium Up Down Up … Revisiting the Science of Altitude Training


Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Colloquium A Physical Activity Paradox. Is Occupational Physical Activity Bad for You?
Tutorial Lecture Accelerometer Physical Activity Data from NHANES 2011 – 2014
Highlighted Symposium Bank On It!  New Insights From UK Biobank
Colloquium From E-Bikes to Automated Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges for Physical Activity
Tutorial Lecture Most Recent Guidelines on Exercise and Pregnancy: The Science and its Application
Tutorial Lecture New Developments in Cancer Prevention and Control: The Importance of Moving More and Sitting Less
Symposium Stepping It Up for Health:  New Findings from Device-Based Prospective Studies of Steps and Health
Colloquium The Future of Physical Activity Monitoring: Debate over Research-grade vs. Consumer Devices
Tutorial Lecture What you Need to Know About the NEW Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans


Exercise is Medicine®
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Alternative Types of Exercise to Prevent and Treat Hypertension:  The Wave of the Future
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Breaking Up is Important! Sedentary Lifestyle and Physical Activity
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Cost Outcomes of Assessing and Advising Physical Activity in Healthcare: Methods & Outcomes from Intermountain Healthcare
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Dealing With the Reality of Perceived Barriers to Exercise and Physical Activity: How Do We Get People Moving?
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Docs, Move It or Lose It
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture EIM Opportunities in Community Health and Underserved Populations
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Exercise and Cancer: Clinical Endpoints Needed to Change Standard of Care
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Exercise and The Aging Heart: Prevention and Management of Heart Failure (HF) and Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Exercise is Cancer Medicine: How do we Prove it? Breaking Down the Barriers to Translational Research in Humans
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Exercise is the Best Medicine for Back Pain
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Healthcare Provider Experience with Exercise and Pregnancy Recommendations
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium If Exercise is Medicine, Should Exercise Physiologists be Recognized as Healthcare Professionals?
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Implementing the EIM Solution in a South African Corporate Wellness Program and within a Medical Insurer Scheme
Exercise is Medicine® – Highlighted Symposium Exercise and Autism: Discovering the Possibilities
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Making Exercise Standard of Care After Cancer: Results from an ACSM Roundtable
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Move More or Sit Less? Illustrating the Complex Relationships between Moving and Sitting and Health Outcomes
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Physical Activity can Help Seniors with Diabetic Foot
Exercise is Medicine® – Colloquium Prehabilitation – Current Evidence and Future Directions
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium Promoting Physical Activity Across the Lifespan: Linking Health Care and Communities
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium The  Mind-Body Connection in Pregnancy: What You Should Know to Exercise
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture The Aging Athlete: How Physical Activity, Behaviors, & Biomarkers Affects Health Over a Lifetime
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium The Role of Aerobic Exercise in Facilitating Neurological Function and Rehabilitation
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Ultramarathon: Exercise is Medicine?
Exercise is Medicine® – Symposium What Dose, Type and Intensity of Exercise is the Best Medicine?
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Working with University Recreational Sports Departments to Enhance Exercise is Medicine on Campus Efforts
Exercise is Medicine® – Tutorial Lecture Yoga: Rx for Older Adults and a Good Night’s Sleep


Fitness Assessment, Exercise Training, and Performance of Athletes and Healthy People
Exchange Lecture European College of Sport Science Exchange Lecture- Sport Eligibility and Classification in the Paralympic Games – Past, Present, Future
Tutorial Lecture Exercise Training Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries: The Role of Functional Electrical Stimulation
Tutorial Lecture Practical Approach to Monitoring Training
Symposium PyeongChang 2018:  Sports Medicine Challenges and Strategies and Subsequent Impact on Winter Olympic Performance
Tutorial Lecture Soccer, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition: Implications in Training and Competition
Tutorial Lecture The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines: What do ACSM-Certified Health and Fitness Professionals Need to Know?
Highlighted Symposium You’re Doing It Wrong! Training and Nutrition for Physique vs. Function


Tutorial Lecture Epigenetics: We Inherit More than Just Genes
Highlighted Symposium Growth Hormone(s), Testosterone, Insulin-Like Growth Factors: The Anabolic Giants for Cellular Development and Growth
Tutorial Lecture MicroRNAs In Cardiovascular Disease and Health
Symposium Optimizing Exercise to Enhance Immune Cell Function and Bioenergetics in Age- and Cardiometabolic Related Disorders


Metabolism and Nutrition
Symposium Applied Sports Nutrition Translation: Bringing the Lab to the Field and Beyond
Symposium Blood, Sweat, Tears and the Science of Exercise Response Variation: Is Exercise Always Beneficial for Obesity and Diabetes?
Symposium Dietary Nitrate and Nitric Oxide Metabolism: From Mouth to Muscle
Symposium Does Adding Exercise to Caloric Restriction Enhance Insulin Sensitivity and Cardiovascular Health?
Tutorial Lecture Exit Gluten-free, Enter FODMAPs: Novel Diet Strategy to Manage Exercise-induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome
Symposium Expert Update on the 2018 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Nutrition Consensus
Symposium Is it Over-training or Under-recovering? Physiological, Nutritional and Medical Aspects to Consider
Highlighted Symposium Ketones for Health and Performance
Tutorial Lecture Optimizing Nutritional Interventions to Treat the Female Athlete Triad: Mechanisms and Strategies


Physical Activity/Health Promotion Interventions
Symposium ¡Muévanse!: Novel Approaches to Promoting Physical Activity in Latinos
Tutorial Lecture Beyond the Basics: Lifestyle Interventions for Minority Cancer Survivors
Tutorial Lecture Establishing Personalized Wellness Programs for People with Disabilities
Tutorial Lecture Exercise Oncology: Evidence-based Practice and Practice-based Evidence
Tutorial Lecture Exercise Science at the CDC and NIH: Initiatives and Training Opportunities
Symposium Is Exercise Enough? Leveraging Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Enhance Cancer Survivorship
Tutorial Lecture Moving the Needle on School Physical Activity: Targets for Intervention and Worthwhile Outcomes
Tutorial Lecture The Truth about Physical Activity in the Black Community: What’s Known, What’s Needed, What’s Next
Symposium Therapeutic Exercise for Cardiometabolic Disease in Spinal Cord Injured Humans – Time to Raise the Intensity?
Tutorial Lecture Toddlers to Teenagers: Opportunities to Get Youth Moving


Professional Development/Organizational Information
Tutorial Lecture Designing the Future of the Exercise and Fitness Professions: Collaborative Work Between Certification and Accreditation
Colloquium Journalists and Experts Forum – Sports Medicine and Exercise Science
Symposium Scientific Legacy of John O. Holloszy (1932-2018)


Psychology, Behavior and Neurobiology
Exchange Lecture American Psychological Association Exchange Lecture
Tutorial Lecture Does Sleep Really Influence Sport Performance?
Colloquium Educator’s Colloquium: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Symposium Exercise and the Endocannabinoid System: Implications for Mental Health
Tutorial Lecture Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders: Translating Research into Real-World Settings
Tutorial Lecture Hidden Figures: Underappreciated Psychological and Social Factors That Influence Exercise Engagement
Colloquium How to Approach the Extreme Athletic Body Ideal- Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders
Symposium Neural Control of Muscle Force: Insights from Performance Variability
Tutorial Lecture Synergistic Perspectives of Exercise and Other Non-opiate Treatments for Patients with Chronic Pain
Tutorial Lecture The Personal Virtue of Exercise: Fighting for Happiness
Tutorial Lecture Understanding the Role of Effort, and the Perception of Effort, in Physical Activity and Exercise
Highlighted Symposium Why Your Brain Needs Exercise: Lessons from Evolutionary Neuroscience


Skeletal Muscle, Bone and Connective Tissue
Tutorial Lecture Exercise for Stronger Bones: Fact or Fiction
Tutorial Lecture Exercise-induced Preconditioning of Skeletal Muscle
Symposium Identifying Molecular Targets to Attenuate Muscle Fatigue
Symposium Novel Insights into Energy Deficiency and Bone Quality in Athletes
Symposium Retrotransposons: Jumping from Cancer to Aging to Exercise
Highlighted Symposium Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Primary Factor in the Onset of Chronic Diseases: Can Exercise Help?
Symposium Testosterone and Exercise following Spinal Cord Injury- From Bench to Bedside
Symposium The “Anaerobic Threshold”: 50+ Years of Controversy
Symposium The Search for New Strategies to Improve Skeletal Muscle Adaptations to Exercise in Older Adults
Tutorial Lecture Weight Bench to Bedside: The Importance of Muscle Mass in Cancer Outcomes & Side Effects


World Congress on the Basic Science of Exercise, Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
Basic Science World Congress – Symposium Does Sleep Promote Recovery in Athletes?
Basic Science World Congress – Symposium It’s about Time: Timing of Exercise and Nutrition to Influence Circadian Biology
Basic Science World Congress – Symposium The Dynamic Relationships of Physical Activity and Sleep Quality with Cognitive Health