May 28 – June 1, 2019 • Orlando, Florida

ACSM's Student Translate and Tweet Contest

This year’s free ACSM Annual Meeting preconference, “Your Message – Develop, Shape and Convey It” includes a new challenge for ACSM student members:  ACSM’s Translate and Tweet Contest.  It’s simple, fun and right up your social media alley. Test and develop your skill in translating sports medicine and exercise science research into plain language messages that can be shared with colleagues, media and the public. Let them know why your work matters. Further develop your skills by taking part in this contest so that you can clearly translate your work into compelling messages for all audiences. Do it well and you could win the contest and prizes!

Here’s all you must do:

  1. Select one of the ACSM Official Position Stands or Communications (OPSOC) listed below.
  2. Write your 200-word maximum summary of your chosen OPSOC, a clear and succinct summary of the core message(s) that can be understood by the public. For assistance, you may review the instructions used for developing “plain language summaries” for ACSM journals. Write the summary with the media/lay public as your expected audience.
  3. Create a 280-character Tweet of this same OPSOC, so interesting and compelling that people will be itching to know more about the position stand and may even want to tweet you back with questions. The tweet can use social media to inform, connect with others and spread a message with a “Wow, I didn’t know that” effect.
  4. Use this form to submit your entry by 5 pm EDT on Monday, May 7, 2018. You’ll be asked to include your full name, academic institution, degree you are pursuing, the title of your chosen paper, your plain language summary and tweet. You will need to indicate that you plan to attend the preconference session as well. You can register for the preconference here.
  5. Only the first 30 submissions received will be reviewed by the judges. You will be informed by email whether or not your submission was one of the first 30 eligible submissions. So, hop to it, because we want to hear from you!
  6. The top five submissions will be announced live at the preconference, and you will need to be present to discuss your submissions with the expert panel. The entire audience and panel will then vote for the best submission. The contest winner will receive a $35 gift certificate for ACSM merchandise and a framed certificate of this accomplishment.
  7. Again, the deadline for receipt of your submission is 5:00 pm EDT Monday, May 7,
  8. Questions? Send them to

Come on ACSM students! This is a teachable and tweetable moment! We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Choose one of the ACSM Official Positions Stands or Communications listed below: